Ball Cylinder

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Age group: Crawler

Material advantage: Made by hand, lacquer coating on the bells and keeps the craft of local toy making alive, giving the local craftsmen a source of livelihood.

Pro tip: Involve the secondary caregiver for a few minutes of exclusive play.

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Product Description:

This Ball cylinder is introduced to a baby who is on the verge of crawling around 7 or 8 months of age or your little crawler busy getting stuck under chairs. This cylinder, with 3 lacquer bells, is heavier and longer than the mini roller, thus helping your baby roll it further down the room and enticing your crawling baby to “chase” after the clacking and rolling toy. The rods in the cylinder are perfect for grabbing and exploring the toy.


  • Palmar grasp strengthening
  • Purposeful play
  • Deepens bond between baby and caregiver as the roller can be rolled back and forth between the two.

Note: Parental supervision at all times.


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