Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Our Products

1) What is the type of wood used and where is it harvested?

Ivory wood, which turns to ivory colour with age, hence the name, is the signature wood used to handcraft our toys, harvested at Channapatna (a.k.a Gombegala Ooru or toy town), Karnataka.

2) What coating is used on your toys?

All our toys have a Lacquer or natural finish.

3) Are the colours safe for my child?

Lacquer finishing is 100% child safe as we do not use artificial colouring or paint on our toys. Ivory tree is also a choice tree for medicinal gardens and forest areas.

4) What is the mode of payment?

Currently, we are accepting orders nationally only through google pay.

5) Delivery time?

We require a minimum of 5 to 7 business days and 1 day delivery for mysuru orders.

6) Are returns accepted?

Unless the product was damaged upon recieving, we do not accept returns. We ensure all our products are double checked before they are packaged and shipped. If damaged, simply return the product to the sent address on the label.

7) Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes. Please mail us at [email protected] 

8) Where is Janma Toys located?

Our office is in Mysuru while manufacturing unit is at Channapatna. Our founder is a passionate advocate for child rights, with a background training in Montessori early childhood education.

Janma toys is not just a business model but a sustainable brand with a beating heart. Part of your goodwill will be donated to a local charitable organisation.

For compliments or complaints, please reach us at [email protected]

What Customers Say About Us

The stacking tower has a beautiful finish and slips into the stand easily. The colours are pleasant and my year old son enjoys playing with the tower.


It is heartening to witness the art of making channapatna toys, taken to a wider audience with an innovative mix of Montessori and lacquerwer methods. The ring rattle, especially, is a winner. It is so pleasent, it keeps my infant daughter engaged for an hour!

Muktha K

Janma toys is among the first few brands introducing us to wooden toys for babies. We purchased the bell rattle and were happy to see our daughter engaged with it for quite a while. The finishing is soft. Our 2 year old is busy with the nesting tower, using that in more ways than just stacking. We are happy customers that have gifted some to our friends as well.


The geometric vehicles set was purchased for our 2 year old who went into her imaginary world. Our older child used this with his blocks and created stories and scenes! The quality is excellent and the finish is smooth. The design is different from the regular vehicles we see in kiddie shops. Resonably priced that is sold as a set. We are gifting this to our little nephew who is on his way to India.

Revati Rao